The African American Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Association was established April 3, 1999, as a derivative of an African American PTSD Therapy Group formed in 1995. The purpose for the creation of this Association is: 

  • To field many of the questions and complaints lodged by Ethnic Minorities and all other veterans.
  • To obtain and exchange information. To provide pertinent information to medical personnel and to ensure better health care. 
  • To assist ethnic minorities and all other veterans by informing them of illnesses they or their family members may be afflicted with or could suffer as a result of their military service in Vietnam, Korea or the Gulf War. 
  • To provide informative materials explaining the disorder PTSD and its impingement on their related social, psychological, physical and accompanying economic maladies. Providing materials and information explaining why African Americans and other ethnic minorities are more susceptible to these disorders.
  • To provide assistance and information on what can be done to minimize the effects of these disorders and to offer HOPE!

We are now conducting in person VSO training from 10:30am to 3pm on Fridays and Saturdays at our location.